How to watch the playback of driving recorder

One of the most critical components of the driving recorder is the storage part – TF card (memory card). When buying a driving recorder, a TF card is not standard, so the car is mainly purchased additionally. Due to the long-term cyclic reading and writing environment, it is recommended to use a Class 10 memory card that can meet higher speed requirements when purchasing a TF card.

The following are several ways to view the playback of the high-definition driving recorder.

1. If the driving recorder is equipped with a display screen, you can generally view the playback directly on the driving recorder, press the MODE button to select, and click the recorded video file to play the video. The above operation methods are not suitable for all brands of driving recorders, please follow the supporting instructions for specific use.

2. Most of the driving recorders now have a corresponding mobile phone APP, which supports mobile phones to view video playback, and the operation is more convenient. As long as the mobile phone downloads the corresponding APP, and then connects to the corresponding WiFi of the driving recorder, you can view the video playback in real time without consuming mobile data.

3. The driving recorder saves the video through the TF card. If you want to watch the playback, you can take out the TF card of the driving recorder, put it into the card reader, and then insert it into the computer to call out the video for playback.

4. Some driving recorders are equipped with an extended USB interface. We can directly connect the driving recorder to the computer with a data cable, and the computer will automatically recognize the driving recorder as a storage device, and then click on the video to view it.

Can the driving recorder automatically record after parking?

Most driving recorders will stop recording after parking, but this can be set, as long as the normal power is connected (normal power refers to the positive power that is connected from the positive pole of the battery and is not controlled by any switch, relay, etc., that is, as long as The battery has electricity, the insurance does not burn, there is electricity.) 24 hours of video recording can be realized.

Some driving recorders have the function of “moving monitoring”. What is mobile monitoring? Many people mistakenly think that motion detection is boot recording. In fact, this kind of awareness is wrong. Boot recording is the default recording of most driving recorders. ; and motion detection means that the video will be recorded when the screen changes, and it will not be recorded if it does not move.

Post time: Nov-18-2022